Our Purpose

Revolutionizing the way business is done in the environmental industry.

We take a relationship-driven, managerial consulting approach to everything we do – no matter the size or complexity of the request. Creating trusted relationships with our clients helps us develop innovative and strategic solutions that meet the needs of the project...everytime. Delivering this kind of service requires a firm commitment to a set of core values: trust, collaboration, and innovation. We believe living these values in everything we do each day is our differentiator, and is what empowers us to push the limits and think outside the box – this is where creativity happens! Our clients come to Watters Environmental because of the trust, practical experience, and focus on cost-effective solutions we provide.


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Trust. Collaboration. Innovation. Everything at
Watters Environmental begins with trust. Trust fosters a collaborative, creative environment, which in turn allows us to co-create innovative solutions with our clients

Our Approach


The culture at Watters Environmental relies on open, two-way communication between all team members. We encourage creativity, pushing the status quo, and view overcoming challenges as an opportunity to grow.

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Our client relationships are founded on trust,
by providing reliable and credible service through innovative and strategic solutions; no matter how
big the problem or how unconventional the request.

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We want everyone individually and in business to be successful – that’s our goal. And we’re going to do it by building rock-solid relationships, and sharing our awareness and our skills to help our team members and clients succeed personally and professionally.

— Robert Watters —

Our Team

Our team members are passionate about the environment; about making a difference in the world;
and about growing our skills personally and professionally.

We thrive in a collaborative trusting work environment, and in return we offer our creativity and innovation to solving our client's problems.
We are a highly participative company, and all our team members enjoy helping to create a culture we are each proud to be associated with.


Hello from the Watters Team, we are proud to say that combined we can speak and understand 8 languages!


Join The Watters Team

As a young, energetic team, work-life balance is important to us, and we enjoy being part of a company that supports all aspects of our lives. If this sounds like a work environment and culture that you would thrive in, send us your resume expressing your interest in being a part of our team.

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Our Projects

We service our clients' needs across Canada and abroad,
with the help of our national and international partners.

We utilize our wide range of practical experience and technical expertise to fully understand our client's needs and
ensure we work collaboratively to develop the best solution. Below are just a few examples where we have co-created solutions with our clients.

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Sustainability at Watters Environmental

Learn how our team is prioritizing sustainability practices in and out of the workplace.

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Our Services

We offer alternatives to a one-size-fits-all approach.

We are in the business of building and maintaining trusted relationships, and we have extensive technical expertise in environmental consulting. We tailor all our services to meet the specific needs of the client rather than take a standard industry approach. Below are examples of general services we are routinely requested to perform. The specific services completed will depend on what is required to meet the particular needs of a project.

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