Our Past, Present, and Future

Watters Environmental is a boutique environmental engineering
consulting firm that focuses on relationships

Our mission is to help our clients deal with their stresses and anxieties of the day as we co-create innovative solutions to their problems.
Since the company was established in 2004, we have utilized our wide range of practical experience and technical expertise
to develop solutions to our client's problems that fit their business needs and protect our shared environment.

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This past year, Watters Environmental celebrated its 10th Anniversary as a leading environmental engineering consultant.  But the journey doesn’t stop there! The reality is, the business world is more anxious and unstable than ever before. At the close of our 10th year as a company, we reflect upon where we’ve come from, and what continues to motivate us.  We are proud of the transformation our company has undertaken in that time, and are looking forward to continued growth in the next 10 years and beyond.

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Our client relationships are founded on trust, by providing reliable and credible service through innovative and strategic solutions; no matter how big the problem or how unconventional the request. We think outside the box to find solutions that are tailored to the needs of our clients.  Since our start-up in 2004, the company has become a recognized leaders in environmental due diligence for real estate transactions, working on some of the largest most-complex deals in the country.  Today, while still remaining technically strong, the company has established a management consulting approach to revolutionize the way business is done in the environmental industry. This may seem like a tall order, as it requires a whole new way of doing business, and the creation of a culture to attract the best and the brightest.  Its a challenge we’re willing  to take!


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The business world is becoming increasingly complex and unstable, and Watters Environmental has the experience to help our clients successfully navigate the dynamics of these changes. We have an extraordinary team that embodies our core values of innovation, collaboration and trust in everything we do. Furthermore, we believe a strong work/life balance is paramount to driving our team – and company – forward. Through various initiatives both in and outside the workplace, team members are able to build trust amongst each other, and channel their life’s passions into everyday work activities. 

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The culture at Watters Environmental relies on open, two-way communication between all team members. We encourage creativity and pushing the status quo, and view overcoming challenges as an opportunity to grow. We value this culture highly, as it furthers the personal and professional growth of all our team members.

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