Environmental Management Programs

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Environmental Management Programs

Responsible Environmental Management means having a system in place to identify and manage issues, and a workforce that is trained in preventing and managing these issues when they occur.  When these two align, properties can be managed to ensure the health and safety of all stakeholders, protect the natural environment, and be in compliance with regulatory requirements.

We work with our clients to understand the issues, develop “how to” procedure manuals to proactively identify and manage these issues, and procedures to address when things go wrong. We also develop and implement training programs to ensure that all stakeholders understand the risks and the procedures in place to mitigate them.

Through the Environmental Management Programs (EMPs) we have implemented with our clients, they have realized improved environmental performance, increased profitability, and an enhanced corporate reputation.

Some of our EMPs include:

  • Spill Response Procedures
  • Waste Audit and Waste Reduction Work Plans
  • Designated Substance Management Plans
  • Chemical Storage Procedures
  • Pool & Hot Tub Management
  • Reporting of Environmental Issues
  • Storage Tank Management

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